Meet the Staff

 Cynthia Harelson, CPA

Team member since 1991 with work consisting of preparation of compiled and reviewed financial statements, individual and business tax return preparation, small business consultations, small business computerized accounting system consultation.

Cynthia has lived most of her life in the Rogue Valley and enjoys being part of this community. She has been a member of the Grants Pass Rotary Club since 1991, and has been active with many local non-profit organizations through board membership and other projects.


Brenda Small Brenda Fisher, EA

Team member since 2001 focusing on bookkeeping, payroll processing and report preparation, and individual and business tax return preparation. Brenda continues to broaden her knowledge base and improve her skills in her practice areas. She graduated from Ashland High School and lives in the Evans Valley.

She has been a member of the Grants Pass Rotary Club since 2008, serving as secretary of the club since 2009. When Brenda isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her pets which include Frankie the African grey parrot, Bean the conure parrot, Bo the horse, Punkin’ the cat, Sister the cat, and Lucy the dog.


John hed shot John Harelson, CPA

Team member since 2006, retired Josephine County treasurer. Specializing in tax review and preparation. When not helping out at the office is busy with home construction projects such as the taj machickenhal, or going for motorcycle rides.


 Aleshia Odom, CPA

Team member since 2009 focusing on bookkeeping, accounting, and individual tax return preparation. When Aleshia is not working she is with her young daughter and son who keep her very busy.


 Kimberley Sealy, LTP

Team member since 2000, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, tax preparer. Kimberley enjoys spending time with her family and her Pug dogs, Poppy and P.J.


Patty Small    Patty Shelton

Team member since 2012, specializing in bookkeeping, payroll, and is currently developing her tax knowledge base


Lori Hale

Team member since 2010, specializing in filing, reception. Lori enjoys excercising at the YMCA, and events with her Corvette car club since she has a ’54 Corvette convertable…sweet!

 Fred Murschall, LTC

Retired, team member since 1991. Enjoys traveling and his retirement, but still a great wealth of knowledge for some of our complex tax situations.


Team member since 2003, protector, comforter, good boy!


Team member since 2005, doorbell, snack consumer, good boy!